Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CCMixter And Moving Imagery : Stardust

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View this (naive) moving (of) imagery captured in Oslo, Norway - 2008.06.28 - as moi and bk's expression of gratitude for all the exciting work made, and made available, by the ccmixter's at - here in a beauteous and outmost sophisticated ambient way made aural present in a brilliant new work by two of LOMEG_ROM's favourite composers, samplers and re-mixters: teru's 'Gurditation' using samples from Gurdonark's 'Gurdonark Drone Sample Pack 1', 'one minute osaka sample' and 'Afterword'.
moi & b.k.: video 059 for - 5'36''


Gurdonark said...

In our new sharing culture, one things that delights me most is that
voodle-makers like you two can amuse and delight with the ambience of falling snow or flickering cinematic artificial light.

Teru's gentle chill remains far too unknown--I'm glad you've given it a new and exciting outlet, in the way remixters do.


a beautiful and poetically mysterious piece of cinematics ! and teru's use of gurdonark's samples is indeed superb. always surprised to find more amazing gurdonark compositions.