Monday, March 02, 2009

Desire As An Act In Concert

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A short experimental docu-voodle by moi reflecting on the refracting but nevertheless sound motility that acts in perfect concert but does not (or does it?) understand its own musicality. If intuition is knowledge - and affection (and/or instinct) are its tools - then the voodler only cultivates what nature already... did. What is and what is not yet, will then be equal and of the same kind - and the only thing that remains, is for 'us' to be like she who voodles in silence and articulates in her very own cultivated nature what otherwise is without musicality... and hence remains mute. View just another 'daily altered phenomena' as it was originally captured in Oslo, Norway - 2009.01.27 - accompanied by essesq's 'winter song' (
moi: video 056 for - 2'35''


Gurdonark said...

The visuals of the birds and the clouds really make for a good film.
They remind me of a different set of birds--black vultures--slowly winding through a north Texas sky. The birds on your video are full of energy, while the vultures fly with an almost stately slow confidence.
Both tell stories we are privileged to see, but do not fully understand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for using my piece. It's the first time anything I've done alone has been used so it means a lot to me. I love the video. We often watch flocks of birds around our house and it always amazes me how the individuals become a part of a larger organism. It's particular fluidity is captured beautifully in your images.

LOMEG_ROM said...

Long time no see, thank you for your comment Gurdonark!

essesq, I am very glad you liked the video, I sure liked your song. Hope you continue to produce your own music!!