Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lomeglumiere # 050 "...and striations"

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A Lumierevideo by bk featuring some parallel and mystical grooves: the scratches left by another café-ambience on cords and a light-bulb captured in Oslo, Norway - 2009.03.08. Principles; fixed camera, mounted on a table, no audio, no zoom, no effects and going on for exactly 60'' (65'' with credits).
b.k.: lumierevideo 050 for - 65''


Gurdonark said...

wonderful. great perspective. soundtracks come, unbidden, as I watch.

LOMEG_ROM said...

the café was extremely crowded and the level of noise made it almost not possible to entertain a conversation. so, the voodler disappears from the noise, steps out of the world that surrounds him and enters a new one... focusing on something that has not been there before and hearing what has not been audible.

when I first discovered the moving light bulb / cord, I literally 'heard' teru's 'gurditation' which I just stumbled over some days ago, ... and the café transcended into moving imagery and another place of imagination... we went home and found the footage from a rainy day at the end of last years june - and became our tribute to all the inspiring ccmixters - we hope you do enjoy it and thank you for all your kind, engaging and inspiring comments Gurdonark!