Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lomeglumiere # 051 "... and romance"

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A Lumierevideo by bk witnessing the exciting and for all time mysterious quality of The Kiss as it was told by Warhola as a static but nevertheless romantic and most probably very exaggerated lie captured in Oslo, Norway - 2008.11.23. Principles; fixed camera, mounted on a body, no audio, no zoom, no effects and going on for exactly more then a minute (because bk didn't have the heart to cut it down).
b.k.: lumierevideo 051 for - 83''



it is such a fine way of framing it ! the awareness of watching something form outside is emphasized, yet at the same time it draws the spectator in.
(i did spend 2-3 hours watching most of the videos in september. had some footage from "the kiss", but was not framed as well as this one! )

LOMEG_ROM said...

thank you sam! like you, moi and I did spend several hours in that exhibition - it's not often that one has the opportunity to witness several of the factory-films screened at once and in one place.

a fun notice; rumors say that they were running 'empire' in its original length... yet the museum stays open - at its longest - for 8 hours only ;-)