Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Liquid Travels, Passing By

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A short docu-voodle by moi featuring takes shot on liquid travels capturing passing by and taking leaves amongst the islands surrounding Risør in Norway - 2008.07.09. View the atmospheric scenery accompanied by a very pleasant soundtrack by ccmixter's count.
moi: video 035 for lomeg-rom.blogspot.com - 3'00''


Gurdonark said...

This is really lovely work, Moi.
Watching it from this "distance", I love the blend of the familiar and the un-familiar. The blue waters and the sky are universals, and the presence of folks along the shore.
Yet the folks themselves, the flag(s) they fly, and the places they exist, seem very exotic to me (and yet, no doubt, more familiar to you). The scenes of the boat "keeping pace with the camera" and of the boat receding into the distance are very effective.

I had not happened upon Count's music before, but it fits very nicely with your video.

A relaxing visit to a place I have never been--thank you for sharing it. I love it when the texture of sight and sound is a narrative in and of itself. Ambient film.

LOMEG_ROM said...

thank you for those kind words

yes, this is a kind of narrative made of footages taken in - to me - very familiar surroundings and they show glimpses of an existents which I always resist to leave

it seems like this is the only piece Count has posted on ccm