Friday, August 01, 2008

Too Many Clowns, Not Enough Car and No Picture Taken

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A short experimental docu-voodle by bk featuring a hidden humorous study in body and space morphology shot in Hella near Kristinehamn, Sweden - 2008.07.29. View the novelty of a 'lumiere-group-portrait' that takes the temperature on a very particular time lag. While nobody knows that no picture was taken, Gurdonark complains in a utmost merriment and gaiety way about too many clowns and not enough car.
b.k.: video 034 for - 2'00''


Gurdonark said...

I just returned from my home state of Arkansas, where members of my family gathered to celebrate my father's 75th birthday.

We sat in my father's living room as he opened gifts. Someone took snapshots, alternating between digital cameras. We spent a morning filled with simple human interaction, with very little of the soap opera that provided Mr. Bergman with a livelihood so well-deserved.

Perhaps in voodles we are able to see the clowns, and enjoy the sounds of the little toy horns,
and leave behind, just for a moment, all the worries about who is crowded into which car.

thank you for sharing this charming video!


so nice!
(too bad i missed being in the picture)

LOMEG_ROM said...

Sam; we've missed you indeed!

Gurdonark: the sentence 'We spent a morning filled with simple human interaction, with very little of the soap opera that provided Mr. Bergman with a livelihood so well-deserved' deserves its very own right for livelong sustenance! also for its producer!!

I certainly must voodle about it some time...

I never watched like... for instant 'Persona'... with the idea of alternatives... Yet there's definitely a potential lying there! And I even think it still will be 'Bergmanish'...!


Gurdonark said...

I will quickly admit to a much less profound understanding of Bermann than many. I was intrigued, though, by this comment from his book "images", in which he speaks of the creative burst of which Persona was one aspect, rendered in English in what I read as:
"I was reading this afternoon of the quote from Bergman in his book Images about Persona, which was rendered in English as:

"I touched wordless secrets that only the cinema can discover"

It is undeniable that Bergmann has had a profound influence on film culture. Yet I wonder with Bergmann, as with other giants, if his way of "seeing" indirectly precludes other possible alternatives. Like mail art, perhaps one must leave the galleries and enter the shared correspondence of the voodle to "see" cinema in these other alternatives.

I do not pretend to know the answer, but I do know that a tall oak casts shadows which can sometimes hide a lovely blooming dogwood tree.

Gurdonark said...

If you'll pardon the addition of off-topic material, I will take this chance to mention that the kind folks at ccmixter did an interview with me this month, and both at the site and in the longer version of the interview here, I was able to mention how fond I am of the work that you and Sam do.

LOMEG_ROM said...

Dear friend, congratulations on the continuous recognition of your beautiful work!! We feel very honored to be mentioned in your interview! I just called moi and she's probably reading it just now - I myself look forward to an interesting evening with those articles (long and short versions).

Allow me at the same time to respond to your first two comments by pointing towards today's naive voodle-contribution. I still find your sentence to be loaded with agitating (meant in the the very best sense of course) and intriguing powers... very inspiring indeed...!