Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Power of: "Subjective Camera"

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A not too short yet not so very (sc)a[i]ry experimental test-voodle by bk featuring a continuous mobile 16' Point Of View 'shot through the institution' compressed down to some 5 minutes of (unmotivated?) subjectivity. Oslo, Norway - 2008.08.08. Feel the thrill and enjoy the power of 'Subjective Camera' by listening to simonlittlefields classic-abstruse ext.interior - or try to stay cool and turn off the sound.
b.k.: video 037 for - 5'22''


Simon L said...


ext. interior is my first foray into the world of creative commons (and only my second into the world of remixing...) so i like what you've done with it!

if you feel like voodling more contiguity check out / help yourself to my first remix at

nice working with you!

gurdonark says hi.


simon littlefield

LOMEG_ROM said...

I'm glad you liked it, Simon - it was great fun to do it! ... and it looks like ccm thinks this was fun too!

I had something completely different in mind to start with. Yet scanning ccm for horns, I came over this great howling thrill called ext. interior and suddenly I was that 12 yo again, watching what I was not supposed to... late Saturday night crime-retrospectives... and it felt as good and dazzling as it did then.

Indeed a great foray into the world of creative commons. As your second remix (thank you for linking me to your other exciting audibles and verbals - I enjoyed it very much and I'm ashamed that I wasn't aware of whom I dealt with) it's my humble opinion that the world needs to hear much more of that kind! I look forward to more voodle-collaborations with you.

Thanks again - all the best and hi to Gurdonark



the grand interior tour, compressed in deserted summertime.
beautiful, in all it's turns.
powerful, in its subdued enlightenment(s)
poetic and thrilling at the same time...
yet, probably not so subjective at all: a sort of documentary.

LOMEG_ROM said...

it's not possible to trick you with simple film-terminology and technics... (editing, effects, soundtracks...)

'probably not so subjective at all: a sort of documentary' is neither lumiere, video painting, subjective camera nor documentary...
yet, probably it's the sort of documentary called voodle. ;)

the camera 'hung loose' in my hands and I did not view or control what the camera was pointing at. the uncontrolled camera was intentional but intention alone makes no 'subjective camera' (yet it invites to a play with arguments).

I first thought that editing the way it is edited may produce the 'subjectivity' needed for the 'subjective camera' - but as soon as you turn of the sound it collapses and unveils the voodle again. I like that - it's a sort of pendant to surrealist automatism (or surautomatism for that matter...)


LOMEG_ROM said...

you are normally not known for taking short-cuts, but here you take at least eleven...........