Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Power of: "Subjective Camera II"

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A short and this time (everything went just smooth) truly (sc)a[i]ry experimental docu-voodle by bk featuring an almost continuous shot at a gloomy scene of crime with a prolonged yet blured view of the main-suspect. The voodle, based on a true story, took place in Oslo, Norway - 2008.08.10 (afternoon). View another masterpiece heavy supported by Neurowaxx' drum breaks.
b.k.: video 038 for - 2'40''


Gurdonark said...

The old spiritual goes "I'll fly away...oh glory...I'll fly away". Yet in the backdrop of the skyscraper towers, the flight does seem a bit blurred, though nonetheless breathtaking. I am all for ascensions and for finding the warm thermals in mid air.

Simon L said...

i like the gravity-defying point-of-view, and the neurowaxx drum break. i've just used his free jazz drums for int. exterior - the follow up to ext. interior




such a fine space, that i remember well, having passed through it quite a number of times... and never recorded it, but in my memory.
(and best it was in winter, while it was snowing)
thanks for sharing the view, and placing it in the morphology of body and space.

LOMEG_ROM said...

thank you all for the comments!

re gurdonark: you reach that space by climbing a stair. you leave it by descending a stair. I walk those stairs and that space almost every day. voodling it for the first time made me sick. keeping a focused gaze on the camera screen, it felt as I was ascending ...even when walking down the stairs. the flight looked as the downfall and I could not talk anymore about contiguity... even viewing it today makes my stomach revolt...

re simon: another great tune... very jazzy indeed!!!

re sam: I agree... it's a winter-space! now we know!!!