Thursday, April 23, 2009

Still Spring Goes Late Mnemonic

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A short experimental voodle by bk featuring blind processed lumiere-footage captured in Oslo, Norway - 2009.04.17. Soundtrack 'Recuerdo' by Gurdonark (
b.k.: video 067 for - 4'47''


Gurdonark said...

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay, whose works has fallen from favor with many, but whose lyric poetry pleases me. If "Recuerdo" were set in Oslo, I believe the couple might have walked here rather than ride the ferry. Perhaps a voodle, and in particular a lumiere, is not intended to tell a linear story--but what a delight when the viewer sees the story within nonetheless. Peter Yearsley, the reader, volunteers his time to, as a kindness. I'm delighted to see his words and Millay's poems used in this enjoyable video. The melody, by the way is a reprocessing the sung vocals of Calendar Girl, a fine vocalist indeed.

Our late Spring day today night feel like the hottest August day in Oslo--but across the miles I see Spring bloom in lumiere light.
Thank you for allowing my simple song to tag along.

LOMEG_ROM said...

dear friend, 'recuerdo' was the first sonic expression i heard from you and i fell immediately in love with it. the gleeful/melancholic weirdbient-melody together with peter yearsley's soft-spoken words are so at ease that not only edna's lyrical memory is condensed but so is she as a free character of her time.

ever since i heard your beautiful tune i watched out for an appropriate visual background to it, but since this is a voodle-playground there’s of course no such thing. instead i used last friday’s lumiere-footage that is intended for another film-project and let it ‘move blind’ by applying the toggled opacity from the voodle called ‘torn’ to the clips, layering them randomly on top of each other and adding a compound blur to it all. viewing the rendered outcome, i saw some interesting spatial features/narratives which i could have chosen to further nourish… yet it was more tempting to keep the imperfection and leave the voodle as such open. adding ‘recuerdo’ to it is again an act of perversion but it sure strengthens the oneiric quality of the voodle …and it’s a great way to ‘own’ your music and make it become mine!

still spring still comes late in oslo and it searches for the content that contains but is confident with the friendly warmth of the day today night and has its trust in memory’s kind repulse.


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That's a striking image matched with a very mesmerizing soundtrack. Wonderful combination!