Monday, April 13, 2009

L'air Immobile

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A short experimental voodle-voodle daydreaming on body and space morphologies of the common sort... pondering about why the results of all sportive events never are quite the same although the participants do practice year in / year out, day by day... wondering why some things move and some never do... why it is that air can stand still while heavy wind-casts are causing a headache... Immobile air is nothing to write home about - it's home as it was captured in Khur, Switzerland - 2009.04.09 at 11:59:00 until short after the 12:00:00 train passed by. Before the final is decided - AIR LOMEG want to express their gratitude for the runaway! Spoken words recorded by AIR_LOMEG on location, soundtrack overlay 'L'air immobile' by Anchor Méjans (search for more of this on



better than godard & yet so swiss...a small masterpiece. ein khur-ort mit service, sonne & viel sport.

LOMEG_ROM said...

Thank you Sam - you're too kind ;-)