Monday, October 27, 2008

Talking Hands and Confabulations

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A short experimental docu-voodle by moi featuring a schmooze of some sort and hence her confabulation on an incident that already seems long gone. The tattle of and on manus was captured in Oslo, Norway - 2008.09.13 - just the day after the world's first private screening of voodles and lumieres in a not so crowded public space near Kuba. Moi insists on that what we view are not only the (prehensile) extremities of the superior limbs of two voodlers and hence the representation of the female gaze, but it's the confirmation on and the commitment towards voodling and free subjective frozen frames. Talking hands are mashed-up with the help of Gurdonark and Colin Mutchler - both vital and vibrant members of
After a break of almost two months - gathering voodle-footage from the far east and the now old east-vest - LOMEG_ROM waves a friendly and grateful hand at The Lumiere Founders and at the godfather of LOMEG_ROM, The Co-Coiner of the voodle-term and The First Voodler of them all; Sam Renseiw at spacetwo : patalab. Thank you all for an inspiring weekend in Oslo!!
moi: video 047 for - 2'49''



nice to have you back !
great piece, intreguing in all its complex simplicity.
fine soundrack mix, too.

LOMEG_ROM said...

thanks sam! it's great to be back and thank you for the inspiring visit! we're looking forward to see you again soon, very much so, and i hope it will be as good as it was last time...

btw. have you had a close look at the view...?


Anonymous said...

echoing sam, it is wonderful to know you're home safely! extraordinary video by moi. the female gaze is so underrated.

we wave back and hope to see you again soon, one way or another.


LOMEG_ROM said...

thank you sam, - and thanks for the contribution!

b – one should never ever “misunderestimate” the power of the female gaze!

hope to see you all soon again!


Gurdonark said...

It's good to see you back again.
It would have been great fun to see those films in Oslo. I am glad that you all had a successful program.

I like the hands here, and I like your remix of my sample better than my own remix :).

The things we see beyond (and within the things we see)--that interests me, too.