Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lomeglumiere # 040 "liquid speed"

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A Lumierevideo by moi featuring one minute of summer represented as speed over liquids captured at Risør, Norway - 2008.07.16. The information gained by fast travels can sometimes be as deep and spacious as reflections made in time lag. Principles; fixed camera, secured on a boat, no audio, no zoom, no effects and going on for exactly 60'' (65'' with credits).
moi: lumierevideo 040 for - 65''


Anonymous said...

Liquid speed indeed! This is great, moi. A & I joke a lot about water lumieres, but they really do make some of the best footage :)

LOMEG_ROM said...

thank you b! well, water is fascinating… (and those from A are inspiring :))