Sunday, July 06, 2008

On Architecture_Nature_Culture

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A short docu-voodle by moi featuring ... a transcript of architecture? a transcripted tree? View the dazzling documentation that questions the very idea of nature_culture_architecture shot at Sognsvann in Oslo, Norway - 2008.06.08. The last man on earth might not be man after all... yet, in any case, Neurowaxx has the soundtrack for the event (
moi: video 029 for - 4'15''
LOMEG_ROM takes a two weeks break - we will be back on Sunday July 20th. A nice summer to you all!


Gurdonark said...

The film really shows us a tree/transcript/constrct/nature experience. Yet all the things I have to say about trees are either trite or anthropopmorphic. Watching this tree, with this fine soundtrack,
I am struck by how a tree evokes a positive response, a kind of respect, a warm feeling.

LOMEG_ROM said...

My daughter told me about this special tree which she saw on a school trip, so I went the next day to see it myself. I found it very beatiful, and was fascinated by the amazing full-cover web-construction. But at the same time it evoke a kind of disgust - watching the little bastards (the architects) behind the work.

A known norwegian urban-neurotic once produced the sentence 'never has a tree thought me anything'. With that (and no particular soundtrack) in mind I approached the tree, viewed it, voodled it and was - as you - struck by the strong sympathy I felt for it... proving the sentence wrong - at least for me.

Btw. I visited the tree again some days after I voodled it. The bugs were gone and the tree looked fatigued and grey but I learned that a tree like that one - completely covered by those bug-webs - can blossom again after just a couple of weeks.