Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fighted Space and Danced Bearings

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A not too short experimental docu-voodle by moi on body and space morphologies - witnessed in Vigelandsparken, Oslo, Norway - 2008.05.25 at exactly 1500 hours (as every Sunday). View the fit, diplomatic, fluent, repand and almost ceraceous bodies - together with a forth and backwards rocking 'pella called 'ginga' - creating assorted parallel spaces in a mesmerizing, never ending monotonous act of friendly but nevertheless martial arts. Capoeira, a bland of play, dance and fighting, has it's origin in Brazil but seems to flourish quite well in northern climate too... Don't miss the final view accompanied by fuzette's 'la lai' (
moi: video 026 for - 5'23''



nice moves! capoeira seems practised with more rigor in olso. the danish ones ( as far as i can tell) are more amateurish... but then again: the tai-chi and chi-gong practitioners are in good shape.

re: screening in august and voodling end of july (? )

LOMEG_ROM said...

thanks! i found it fascinating to watch this play going on and on, and on... while some members of the group at the same time were practicing acrobatics next to the "rode".
b.k. will call you tomorrow about the screening and voodling.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you used my little voice experiment!

LOMEG_ROM said...

Yeah... it really is a nice piece. Are you planning to do more voice experiments like this one? I sure would like to hear them!

moi from LOMEG_ROM