Sunday, December 14, 2008

On Video Sketching* and Body Takes

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* To draw;
Make a drawing; make, formulate or give a description of an (your) absorption; take in, also metaphorically, the representation of an (your) absorption/attraction
* To doodle;
Make a doodle; draw aimlessly
* To paint;
Make a painting of; paint (colour) an absorption/attraction; apply paint to
Your intuition alert and with ‘Vertov’s subjective camera’ in mind; investigate in the properties/nature of body as the nude. Use the video camera as sketching tool and try to capture the properties of ‘body’ by drawing it, doodling it or painting it.
Your awareness is focused on:
The body/nude only – the body/nude as a still (n; akt). The body/nude as an object/matter of mass, volume, surface, form, shape, etc. The body/nude as the undraped human figure in art. The body/nude as the starting point - and an expression (of yours). The body/nude as being a resistance, receiver, absorber, etc.
You will not focus on:
The model as a person – the personality of the model. How the body is taking up space, how it is placed within the space and how it is grounded (standing, sitting etc). Sound/audible information.
A&F; MoBaS #2 – Fall 2008/AHO
A short experimental docu-voodle by bk featuring two simultaneously shot videos of a new doing* captured in Oslo, Norway - 2008.09.02. The second ever produced dooble-voodle shows in two frames two artistic and very different views on the body as the undraped human figure in art and hence proofes again that no views ever can be the same. See the classical lumiere to the right and the novelty of a video-sketch to the left - both for the sake of the dooble-voodle enhanced by digital means and very audible talents (soundtrack 'the dancers' by ccmixters onlymeith).
b.k.: video 054 for - 3'26''

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what a fine diptych !
interesting to not the timelapse betweeen the change(s) of voodle type. the synchronicity is fine and the blur add a fsuble layer on the moves.