Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Spectators and Grainy Views

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"Who will close my eyes for me?
When my last exhalation slips out unseen
No BPM left inside the machine
The piercing wink-out of a CRT screen-
Who will close my eyes for me?
Dust gathers on glass
Reflecting personal effects
Fingerprints and water remain
Bedside of what used to be
Who will close my eyes for me?
“Rest” is a verb; impossible now
“In peace” is subjective
-How can meat get upset?
Terrible solemn tenderness
As bald as lust,
As stark as an empty stomach,
Older than speech-
The frozen silence swells to fill the heart
Of the unknown one
Who will close my eyes for me."
Close My Eyes - duckett
A short experimental docu-voodle by bk featuring "a" spectator's interlaced and grainy view on the unfamiliar/familiar... or the mere reflection on his own personal effects? Welcome, associative viewers, associate with the spectator and the incident captured in Oslo, Norway - 2008.08.17. - and make up your own mind... but know that; you're guilty anyway! To 'close my eyes' is not an option - it never has been - but it sure is effective for the view presented (colab frozen silence remix featuring duckett)!
b.k.: video 053 for 5'44''
This voodle is screened with the kind permission of The Viewed. To learn more about her doings and whereabouts; still pictures courtesy of Lisa Lindøe.

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