Saturday, June 28, 2008

JP08 Urban Scapes; The Beginning and The End

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Long you both laid in the sun's yellow stare...
On the edge with eyes rolled back, the waves were calling him.
As he teetered on the edge, the waves were calling him.
He had seen it, felt its might, bent under...
(Washing away, he thinks of you. Everything slows, light's flashing through.
The water flies over his head. You are me now as you lay on my bed.)
This is what he'd always known:
The promise of something greater beyond the water's final horizon. ISIS
"No views can be the same - even though they decide on the exact time, purview and frame - they all will be different ...and together they create new views, new purviews and even trouble us on the reading of time...
Duration is freed in two simoultaneously shot views - that is the rule of the dooble-voodle ...and it's potential has yet to be discovered - the beginning and the end is just the start!"
A not too short experimental docu-voodle featuring two simultaneously shot videos; the worlds first screening of a dooble-voodle is showing in two frames two views taken out of a window of a hiper-speed train traveling through Tokyo - 2008.03.08.
Be aware that the dooble-voodle starts with just one single frame and no sound... 'The Beginning and The End' starts after approximately three minutes runtime and ends at the end right before the voodle ends... Tokyo on the other hand never ends and ends and ends...
Moi & b.k. are thrilled and extremely proud to introduce ISIS with their song 'The Beginning and The END' (from the 2002 album 'Oceanic') on LOMEG_ROM : voodles on CONTIGUITY. Thanks to the band for the permission to adapt their unbelievable persistent and insistant music for this world-premier of a dooble-voodle-video-work! Visit ISIS on their official site! and turn up the volume...
moi & b.k.: video 025 for - 11'48''
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gurdonark said...

The double voodle is very effective, and the ISIS soundtrack really adds to the effect. It's a curious thing for this observer how much difference it can make to the perception of action to have the screen "split" between two voodles. An interesting experiment in novelty and expectation==the novelty of the format, and the way it tinkers with narrative expectations from the viewer.

The way the music is so driving, and the voodles drive on so is a nice synchrony.


a fine view of shinkansen travel!
so generic and yet particular... ISIS' persistent beat underlines the endless undfolding of tokyo.

LOMEG_ROM said...

Thank you both for the remarks!

The dooble-voodle was intentional, although of course we wouldn’t know how the views would work like. We (moi to the left and b.k. to the right) were commissioned to document our recent Japan journey and had some themes developed ahead of the trip. Yet, as usual, most of the themes and contents have changed during the trip.
What remained intact was this dooble-voodle. We were listening to ISIS’ ‘the beginning and the end’ and Gavin Bryars’ ‘jesus’ blood never failed me yet’ while voodling ahead. The experience of voodling that view while listening to these records makes one wish the journey never to take an end…

We’ve chosen ISIS due to the great shifts and changes within the tune – and of course because of that enormous dry and energetic drive of the drums that lasts throughout the whole piece!

The lyrics of ‘the beginning and end’ are very beautiful and suite quite well to the view presented in this dooble-voodle. A continuous urban landscape viewing zillions of dwellings and all sorts of containers meant to house people… yet you wouldn’t see a single soul (and for that matter no other signs of human presence) interacting with that urban landscape… that happens not before the very end of the voodle.

For Gavin Bryars ‘jesus’ blood never failed me yet’ we shot instead a huge amount of footage taken on a completely different level within the urban fabric… showing people at work…



looking forard to the gavin bryars "footage" then.
it would have been great soundtrack for this one too - even adding something quite different then, i suppose.