Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On Outlooks and Views At Work

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"If it was not for the sky
you would not want to touch it,
if it was not for windows
you would not have any outlook,
if it was not for the promise
you would not have expectations,
if it was not for the bird
you would not have to say goodbye

... and if you did never move – you did neither have to stay nor go."
A short experimental docu-voodle by moi featuring her view at work and a northern sky in fire - all captured in Oslo, Norway 2008.11.26. Gurdonark's 'I'll Touch the Sky' (excerpt) is a promise not kept and thus vital for the ambience... essential even, probably.
moi: video 052 for lomeg-rom.blogspot.com - 2'24''



nordic sunsets, now available with oull-down cord mechanism. awsome! :-)

gurdonark said...

"For the blackness of the interstellar void was not the dark of an
earthly night, but the absolute black of the absence of all light,
beside which the black of platinum dust is pale and gray; and laid upon
this velvet were the jewel stars. They were not the twinkling,
scintillating beauties of the earthly sky, but minute points, so small
as to seem dimensionless, yet of dazzling brilliance. Without the
interference of the air, their rays met the eye steadily and much of the
effect of comparative distance was lost. All seemed nearer and there was
no hint of familiarity in their arrangement. Like gems thrown upon
darkness they shone in multi-colored beauty upon the daring wanderers,
who stood in their car as easily as though they were upon their parent
Earth, and gazed upon a sight never before seen by eye of man nor
pictured in his imaginings".
Edwin Smith and Lee Hawkins Garvey, from an issue of "Amazing Stories", 1928

Whenever I see a red sky--whether your amazing sky there, or our sunset "big sky" in August here, I feel happy. What a wonderful word in which touching the sky, if only from afar, is a joyous thing.

I enjoyed your film. Thank you.