Friday, June 06, 2008

Try on Nordic Light

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A short voodle-voodle by bk trying to capture the nordic light present (or not...) at the constitution of an inter-nordic and truly candescent, buoyant, ignite and airy body of light in Copenhagen, Denmark - 2008.06.02. Moi, btw, thinks that b.k.'s voodles are getting increasingly voodle-alike; full of imperefection and naive decision-makings... beautiful, she says. B.k. on the other hand wouldn't know of such things... Listen to the fine accordeons produced by puie (
b.k.: video 017 for - 4'09''



maali and lalander's fine, transformed spaces of the mogens dahl centre in copenhagen i suppose?

LOMEG_ROM said...

yes.... it was a fine space... hot, but so was all copenhagen that day... and beautiful! you guys down there really are good in that transforming-business!

b.k. / LOMEG_ROM