Saturday, June 14, 2008

On Apparent Horizon and Purviews

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"His true heart is pounding for the heavy mass soundly moving under his feet and clearing his gaze, inviting him to mould, dig and shape between what is and what can be and what will again belong to the mass. He can understand the play and flirt with the horizon. He finds it dazzling and it amazes him. Yet, although slightly bewildered, he has to sympathise with his view who's kept on the line but longs for nothing then the mass again. This is his limitation, this is his source."
A short experimental docu-voodle by bk capturing lost thoughts on an apparently apparent horizon. While trying to follow the horizontal rule and searching for the apparent in a great flat ambit bk gets his spectre of both physical and mental representations of beauteous haunting purviews. See the dazzling struggle with and against the sensible horizon - all caught nearby Copenhagen, Denmark - 2008.06.03, and overlaied by duckett's likewise haunting 'lost thoughts' (
b.k.: video 020 for - 5'04''



on the way to the airport then...
very nice voodle. i always forget to film while passing there. i guess that i consider the fantastic view allready as "usual" and do not see the beauty of it.
thanks for reminding me. ;-)

ps: august 29-31 could be a fine date for the voodle show- just noticed your comment today!. thanks

LOMEG_ROM said...

great, so we're set then for august 29-31! we soon come back with more information about it... any suggestions or ideas about what and how to show it are very welcome! looking forward to it!

i was so impressed by the skilled kiters... and the taxi driver did his to give my stomach a real hard time... i thought of your slick stabilizer but duckett just put an end to it... and that's fine with me.


gurdonark said...

Two intermingled things--1. the detachment and distance from the scenery through movement of the car through the scene; and 2. the sense of connection with the scene through the level camera perspective "viewing" the passing landscape.

The voodle, in its artful artless lack of framing, poses the dilemma all thoughtful people face--are we living in the scene, or are we merely observing it? Yet the voodle itself poses no theory and no set-piece moral. I view the voodle and "see" the issue within its frames, hovering like a delta wing in mid-air.

An interesting meditation within this film.

LOMEG_ROM said...

...and an interesting perspective of yours.

The long-take-road-voodle (perhaps the voodle archetype per se) positions itself in a field of delay – between the experience of ‘what is there that presents itself as a view’ and the decision on ‘what it is that can be sketched down’.
The notion of the frame, although omnipresent, can not produce nor does it interfere with this particular energy found in that field of delay. The frame will always be …late. The car drives fast…

The lack of framing, if it is persistent enough, captures that interstitial position between participating and observing, and the atmosphere created in that interstitial space gives us a strong notion of duration. Duration on its turn is what we perceive as the frame – the only frame a clip like that can offer because the viewer of this clip has to frame his own images.

Thank you for your comment!