Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Transfixed Video Painted Horizon

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"the worst that can happen is nothing ever happening
but usually, under normal conditions, this rarely happens
yet, if it would happen - would it really be such a happening?"
A short experimental lumiere-voodle by bk featuring it almost all together! bk uses some lumiere-footage of a distinct purview taken in Oslo, Norway - 2008.06.21, and voodles around apparent horizon, perturbative spaces, moving mass, the horizontal rule, figures on the ground/horizon/background/uncertain ground... you name it... and simply paints a video painting of and on contiguity... yet, at the end, he views his work and regrets all that happens. See almost nothing or far too much accompanied again by ccmixter's artemisstrong.
b.k.: video 024 for - 5'20''

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