Sunday, June 22, 2008

On No More Gloomy Nights

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"Sometimes we do not hear what we see... other times we do not see what we hear... and there are times where we neither can hear nor see at all... Yet, as it is fortunately given to the many of us; most of the time we actually see and hear - but what we see and hear are pure purviews; representing (only) the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated; purviews being that what makes us see and hear...
Sam says that 'a voodle must be both abstract and figurative. Abstract as a wall, figurative as a representation of space.', and bk says that this is oh so true since the voodle either is about the inconspicuous or a simple case of serendipity.
While the inconspicuous also has to bee seen first, it might as well be a representation of purview. Yet the focus on the inconspicuous can also be regarded as the abstraction of the figurative since it by definition is fighting purview. Serendipity on the other hand is no method since it occurs only in the realm of the waiting (a particular way to see and view) and thus can not necessarily influence the chain of action (possible purviews) that might or might not occur.
The voodle, or voodling, must be the greatest tool for any visual and creative craftswoman to experiment with and sophisticate her way of hearing, seeing and viewing... she learning to open up herself... giving new views back to the many of us... new views for new purviews...!
That's the paradox of the voodle; the inconspicuous, serendipity and purviews all happily mingled and producing each other... producing views and insights, documenting the unseen and creating new ideas or just cases of contiguity. The paradox of the inconspicuous, serendipity and purview coexisting... the voodle.
So far that's what bk thinks about the voodle and the voodling while he walks home one early morning... tired and with blisters on his feet... viewing only what is there to be seen... of course... hearing only what is there to be heard... of course... and forgetting it all soon after... of course..."
A not too short experimental docu-road-voodle by bk featuring an unedited long take shot in Oslo, Norway - 2008.06.09 at 02:19 am. Two days ago did moi introduce ccmixter's artemisstrong to bk and thats how voodles happen; the oh-ah song made almost forgotten footage come alive again. See the norwegian midsummernight, some vertical lines, a not so gloomy horizon and a church wrapped ...all enthusiastically framed by ...oh-ah's.
b.k.: video 023 for - 7'53''

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gurdonark said...

Serendipity and Delight are twin pulsing stars, orbiting some fixed point between them, with limitless gravities and unforesseable wonders resulting.

Here not only the voodle but also the song benefit from the chance pairing. I like the song, but it really "comes alive" with this visual. So many times "music" and "video" are perceived as different disciplines,with the term "music video" being a mildly derogative term. Yet the blending of sight and sound is basic to people--and can be a wodnerful thing if one uses formats like the voodle to break down conventions and just see--and hear!

When the music fades, the footstepas are enjoyable, but then, soon, it is time for the music once more.