Friday, December 04, 2009

Lumiere Diptychs

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Four Lumierevideo by bk featuring each two simultaneously shot still frames (the Video Diptych or Lumiere Diptych) captured in Venice, Italy - 2009.11.06. Principles; fixed camera, mounted on the ground / or on a table, no audio, no zoom, no effects and going on for exactly 60'' (65'' with credits) - except lumierevideo 079 (35'' / 40'').
The voodle variant of two simultaneously shot frames can be viewed by clicking on dooble-voodles. Please do also check the previous post called 'The Golem Diptych Video Painting'.
b.k.: lumierevideo 076 (QuickTime / mpeg-4 / flash / - 65''
b.k.: lumierevideo 077 (QuickTime / mpeg-4 / flash / - 65''
b.k.: lumierevideo 078 (QuickTime / mpeg-4 / flash / - 65''
b.k.: lumierevideo 079 (QuickTime / mpeg-4 / flash / - 40''
Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), MPEG-4 Video (.m4v), Flash Video (.flv)


Gurdonark said...

There's a magic in the stillness of the images. The dual images, the lumiere fixation (idee' fixee') on the single object.

It's like an expectant silence.

fkamus said...

My dear AIR_LOMEG.
Your music is a great inspiration to me.
And your sharing of the precious music added shine and glory to my work.
Your music is used in the animation linked below,

And I mentioned your name in the ending credit note.
Once again I thank you for your precious sharing.
From Leeyongil.