Friday, May 22, 2009

Miniature; Lost in Rotterdam

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A short miniature-voodle by bk featuring, despite of better knowledge, the despair of stubbornness as it was obvious, present and captured close to the Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 2009.05.14. Soundtrack recorded on location.
b.k.: video 070 for - 1'30''
As a bonus please view the uncertainty about the ground on which this voodler captured Oslo Lumierestyle - 2009.05.21. Lomeglumiere # 070 "uncertain ground III" is available in quicktime / flash / mpeg-4 or you stream it directly at



a very fine bicycle piece.. a min-transfer from beijin to rotterdam, circling, bridging.

Gurdonark said...

The sound of music, in different settings. The cyclist, the traffic, the colors, the noise, Rotterdam,
China, desperation, pointless journeys, perspective, uncertainty,
the mystery of small objects in obscure places.

LOMEG_ROM said...

thank you both - we didn't notice your comments before now...

the 'miniature'-subject is left-over material from another project and there might occur some more miniature-voodles on lomeg_rom - even some that include this stubborn female bicycler (with whom we of course felt in love with)...

dear Gurdonark, it can be of some periphery interest for you to hear that this sound of music is planned made audible on ccmixter soon - amongst other recordings and not so sustainable transmissions.

we wish you both a pleasant summer!!!