Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drawing no.1 (Excerpt/Trailer)

click to play a short trailer in QuickTime - (moi and b.k. - all rights reserved)
A short experimental documentary featuring 39’ 28’’ of pure Nordic concentration, revealing the silent magic of a conversation that comprehends a complete immersion from its participants.

An immobile camera frames two young women under a meeting. Unaware that they are filmed, the women are shown in deep concentration while they take notes and listen or respond to other, mostly invisible, participants. As viewers of the video we are not invited to participate in the meeting. Neither are we told about its content and remain 'completely outside' of the happening.

The women are shot from a low angle sitting at a table. Faces turned away from the camera we’re nevertheless able to recognize their features. The utmost attentiveness they signal is fascinating and the subtle body language that unfolds in front of us soon captures us. The drama reaches its first peak when they start to interact with an invisible person who is sitting next to the camera… and the women turn their faces towards us…

‘Drawing #1’ is a digitally enhanced video documentary on the issues of observing body and space morphologies. The role of the spectator is given but arguably not the one of the ‘voyeur’. Rather then the hidden and forbidden view, it presents us - not unlike the films of the Lumière Brothers - with a naive cinematic perspective on the phenomena of everyday life, only in this case it’s about the complete immersion of two Bergman-repertory like ‘protagonists’.

moi & b.k.: video 080 for lomeg-rom.blogspot com - 4'02'' (trailer, 520/390)

the soundtrack for this trailer is an AIR_LOMEG re-mix of Ugly By Now's "You Look Hot" (


kaer trouz said...

I think this is incredible. I did yes feel like a voyuer at first (they are very attractive in a blue blonde way I can never be) but then I was with them silently, wanting the project to come to fruition, and I loved the tiny tea cup of the girl on the left. Often her head turning was in sync to the soundtrack- that was very good. An american workplace is injected with so much more frenzy.This seems like the kind of workplace I have always dreamed of; but then perhaps I would be very bored...

LOMEG_ROM said...

dear kaer trouz
the space we look at does only exist within this film. it's a digitally enhanced space with no reference to any other space then the imaginary nordic environment many, like you, do associate it with. i think its an unbearable space to be in for most of the time. i think that not even creativity can master it and boredom would be the only outcome of it... yet, the space can also contain what we look at - and what we look at can fill the space and make it less boring... there's at least always a potential for that to happen.

this is the story of the white cube. it's not the story of beauty and youth only - but it's the story of 'contained in'. i think you should muse to gurdonark and sackjo22 about it - if you want to. i would very much like you to do so.

thank you for the comment kaer - i think you filled that space many many times before!