Monday, November 30, 2009

The Edging of a Kind

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A short docu-voodle on Manhattan's continuous edging... and the worldwide shared fascination for it. Captured in Manhattan, New York, New York - 2008.10.01. Soundtrack "ice and chilli" by ccMixter's _ghost, overlaid with the gleeful sounds of the Met-roof-terrace.
moi: video 081 for - 3'36''

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Gurdonark said...

When I visited New York in the Summer of 2009, I stayed in a hotel not far from Ground Zero, the place in which the tragedy of 9/11 took place. I will not describe that, because I would have nothing to say to add to what others say better.

I can say,though, that my experience of New York did not have this open, airy perspective--this seeing into the distance. The mash-up of ghost, and the look of wonder here, differs from the "nearer the ground" perspective I had. It's a New York, and a set of heights and views, I enjoy seeing.

Yet perhaps it is that the kingdom of heaven "lies within", and it is not the perspective from which we see, but the way we envision the things we hope and dream, that make for the best vistas.