Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Silence Await and Concentration Sought

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A short experimental docu-voodle by bk featuring the silence await and concentration sought almost as it was captured at CAFA, Beijing / China - 2008.04.30 long before and long after common working hours. View the concentration that is needed to create silence await with the beauteous support of cdk's fine remix of old dog's 'too quiet' piano piece.
b.k.: video 077 for lomeg.rom-blogspot.com - 4'22''


sam said...

a beautifull piece !
jus found out two days ago about the 60 seconds for architecture project! > 60secondof architecture.blogspot.com
would be great to have some lomeg-rom there too. best sam

LOMEG_ROM said...

hi sam! we're abroad until tuesday next week. still owe you the formal invitation for the november architecture & film event. greetings from pof and lisb.

thank you for the compliments. i too like this unfolding of incidents and peculiarities as captured and almost not edited at all... i've seen the 60secondofarchitecture site before, have to visit it again now... signing up to vimeo though sounds like yet another account to take care of...

hope you're well - we look forward to soon welcome you back to oslo!!!

ps: bad bandwidth makes it difficult to visit you for the time being - lot to catch up when back.