Sunday, August 30, 2009

On Nymphs and Feminine Attributes

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A short experimental docu-voodle by bk featuring a group of nymphs at work in Akerselva, Oslo - 2008.08.03. View a minor but nevertheless complex nature of deities condensed and in full concentration as they act down in the river amongst trees and rays of sunlight. The here screened feminine are attributes - supported by jaspertine's wonderful ambient soundtrack 'waiting to come back down'.
b.k.: video 076 for - 8'21''
Appendix - viewer discretion:
'Approaching the nymphs' (in Quicktime / mpeg-4 / flv / or directly streamed) is a delicate matter - and so is the attribution of the feminine. Hence the male gaze operates with all respect (and the kind permission of the nymphs viewed) - moving one step forward and two back - over and over again. b.k.: hidden video 076-appendix for - 2'50''
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Ivan Chew said...

Hey, thanks for helping me discover jaspertine's ambient track! I watched your video and with the track playing, I felt the muse do her little dance in my head. Going to create a remix now. Thanks!