Sunday, July 05, 2009

Come Down; A Road-Voodle About Cloudburst

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A not so short docu-voodle featuring a long-take shot just right before and (literally) under a cloudburst captured in Oslo, Norway - 2009.07.03 between 7:28:22pm and 7:39:28pm. View the road-movie about the pelting inferno of the northern sky accompanied by the wonderful ambient environment 'eSSEN10' by ccmixter's Zikweb. If you'd prefer to view the sky as a place of complete bliss, delight and peace, please have a look at the previous posted lumiere shot after it all came down.
moi and b.k.: video 074 for - 11'03''



sunshine in copenhagen, simultaneously.

LOMEG_ROM said...

the cloudburst continued for about 15 more minutes and the heavy pelting left the whole of Oslo awash. the next days were still unfamiliar hot... but today we're back to normal gray and cool summer weather.