Thursday, July 02, 2009

On Moving Illumination and Distracted Outlooks

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A not too short experimental still-voodle by bk featuring a timeless video painting of one of summers distracted outlooks as it was captured in Oslo, Norway - 2009.07.01. Soundtrack 1 is a mash of Ivan Chew's 'The Hill' and Code's 'Code Plays Shaku', soundtrack 2 'Looking Out Distractedly' by Jaspertine (all ccmixters).
b.k.: video 073 for - 7'55''


Ivan Chew said...

Hmm... "Video Painting" sounds very intriguing. Thanks for sharing this. BTW, I came over by way of ccMixter. Thanks for using my "The Hill" sample. Cheers!

LOMEG_ROM said...

hey ivan, nice to see you made it over here!
i appreciate you comments on ccmixter, we're no musicians... but we're on a constant quest to find interesting soundscapes. we sure have found a lot of those in your ccmixter-oeuvre!

thanks, b.k./lomeg_rom