Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Presages and Promises Made

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A short experimental docu-voodle! by bk about bk gone - in many ways - popular. There's really no excuse for what he did - except maybe that he didn't cut up and then montages a new... but he did prolong the already long take and he must have done other things to it too... yet if you ask bk about it he persists in this being just another morphology of body and space - captured in Venice - 2008.11.08 - and Kazuki Mishima providing the place.
b.k.: video 051 for - 5'32''



a marvelous globalized, & contextual video.
somehow timeless: avedon did shoot on the piaza, and he certainly caught onassis&callas' first meeting at danieli's.

gurdonark said...

I am intrigued by the morphology of body and space surrounding the term "popular". Revolt into style into advertising into pop into mass culture parable into rose petals on the bed of a winter bride's train. It's all a blur of ideas made flesh, and dwelt among men and women.