Sunday, November 02, 2008

On The Third Season

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"Four days ago, Oslo started its day by looking at itself covered in fresh snow. It was the first snow at this end of the year. That day it kept snowing until noon. By early afternoon the snow was about to disappear and the colours of autumn did slightly emerge again. They pressed through the vanishing white on the ground. They sparkled against the heavy sky - and indeed the veil of grey that Oslo knows so well, vanished too.

In other parts of the world a place had started its day by looking at itself after a hurricane of some sort just passed by. Noon with its bright daylight is far ahead and the veil of grey sits within the place - is stuck to the place - and there seems to be no melting white. Nothing is vanishing – nothing there to introduce a change.

A voodler captures moments – that’s what she can do. Yet sometimes she forgets to voodle but stands still and numb… because not all the moments can be captured… there are not enough cameras to voodle with and morning, noon and evening happen so fast… some moments remain unspoken and un-voodled.

A voodler captures moments – and she does that every time at least twice." b.k.
A short experimental docu-voodle by moi featuring reflections and refractions of the third season captured at Slottsparken in Oslo, Norway - 2008.10.19. View the sparkling retirement of nature while listening to nhomas' 'October Air'.
moi: video 049 for - 3'41''


Nick said...

This is a trip. Thanks for using my music!

b said...

Beautiful engaging colors. The third season tends to be my favorite, though I admit the Scandinavian darkness may get the best of me. I hear the summers will make it worth the grey months, though. Can't wait to see it for myself.