Monday, May 11, 2009

Miniature in Beijing; A Road-Voodle

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A short road-voodle by bk featuring some sort of further cultivation of the temple of heaven; a miniature captured in Beijing, China - 2009.04.27. Soundtrack recorded by AIR_LOMEG on location.
b.k.: video 068 for - 1'30''


Angeliki said...

It would be really interesting to see it also without the soundtrack...Nice to find your blog,finally!


such a fine miniature...
contextual, timeless in many ways, and yet a fine record of exactely that particular day.
(wish i was there to)

LOMEG_ROM said...

hi angeliki, welcome in here! the 'soundtrack' was recorded on location... and it is possible to turn the sound down while watching the clip ;)

thank you sam - you soon hear back from me, i'm working on it.