Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Adumbrations or The Meeting of Inseparable Companions

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A short experimental associative-voodle by moi featuring some sort of prequel to something not quite yet but nevertheless known, perhaps. View the vague advance indications of a meeting of inseparable companions as it was captured in Frognerparken (aka Vigelandsparken), Oslo, Norway - 2008.09.20 - and enjoy khidir's (ccmixter) very own and very much audible prequel.
moi: video 048 for - 2'52''


b said...

I so rarely sit around and watch videos anymore, so can I just say how nice it is to have you two back? I'm so excited by all of this output from moi. She (you?) has such a great eye, and this looked particularly incredible with a larger white background in the browser window. Such nice music and just overall so calming.

LOMEG_ROM said...

b – it’s inspiring to be warmly welcomed, and it reminds me to watch more videos too!