Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gone By-Lines and Sound Seasons

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A short experimental docu-voodle by moi featuring a beauteous sentimental view on an outdoor by-line now gone. Summer spare-time's over in Oslo, Norway - 2008.07.03. View the open and free summer-purview full of potential and quiet but sound promises of 'small things said (and unsaid) - the later also beautifully pronounced by the black sun laboratories (
moi: video 046 for - 1'53''


gurdonark said...

In south Arkansas USA, near where I grew up, there is a very small town named Okalona. It's a nice enough place, not well-to-do, not hopelessly impoverished, but a place in which money matters less than community.

On the road to Okalona, there is a stretch of the way in which the side of the road is lined with prehistoric sea shells. Millions of years ago, Okalona was prehaps a beach on a great ocean. Now,though, the shells line a nearly-forgotten rural road by a nearly forgotten rural town. They are lovely. Everything is lovely. As a Dutch photographer I know of writes "alles is mooi".

It's an amazing idea, that sea life from millions of years ago could line a country highway, un-noticed by almost everyone, and yet lovely in its way. Yet it is my belief that every Summer roadway holds the promise of quiet, small things unsaid, and great mysteries unrevealed. We must take our eyeglasses off, so that we may lose our focus---and see.

many thanks for this film.

LOMEG_ROM said...

I guess that is what makes voodling so engaging, - it invites you 'to see'. If this one reminded you of cared places, it makes me glad!